About Us
  • In1979
    CATIC Shenzhen Office was established by the Third Ministry of Machinery Industry (AVIC).
  • In1981
    the company purchased 100,000 m2 of land in the Shangbu Industry Zone to build the AVIC housing estate, which ushered in the business of AVIC INTL Shenzhen.
  • In1982
    the Shenzhen Office was transformed into the Shenzhen Industry and Commerce Center; AVIC Tool & Die Company and AVIC Aero Fasteners Company were set up as joint ventures; and the first computer manufacturer in China, AVIC Computer, was founded.
  • In1983
    Tianma was established and the first LCD production line was introduced in China; Shanghai Hotel was built.
  • In1984
    the PCB enterprise Shennan Circuits and the joint venture retailer Rainbow Department Store were established; Mr. Deng Xiaoping inspected AVIC INTL Shenzhen.
  • In1985
    Nanguang Company, formerly of AVIC Real Estate Holding Co., Ltd. was established.
  • In1987
    the FIYTA brand was built.
  • In1992
    Shenzhen Industry and Commerce Center was renamed CATIC Shenzhen.
  • In1993
    AVIC INTL Shenzhen became a pilot enterprise for the modern enterprise system and FIYTA became the first to go public; AVIC Trade was founded.
  • In1994
    Nanguang Company went public.
  • In1995
    Tianma was listed in the market.
  • In1997
    AVIC Industrial Co., Ltd., formerly of AVIC INTL Holdings Limited, went public in Hong Kong.
  • In1998
    Rainbow Department Store became the first online shopping center at home.
  • In2000
    Shennan Circuits expanded its production and Rainbow started chain operation.
  • In2001
    Tianma invested in color STN production line.
  • In2003
    FIYTA Space Watch entered space along with the Shenzhou V Spacecraft.
  • In2004
    AVIC Hotel Management Company, former of Grand Skylight Hotel Management Company Limited was established.
  • In2010
    Rainbow Department Store was listed in the market.
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